Did you know at Tiny Homes Perth we love individually designing new Tiny Home's. You bring us your inspiration, budget and intended purpose of the Tiny Home and we will bring it to life right here in our Bellevue workshop. The Cosy Nook is here to inspire and get you on your Tiny Home journey. 

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The Cosy Nook is one of Tiny Homes Perth's first loft-style homes; compact in length but voluminous in height.

You will find everything you need for comfortable living in this home; a bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and dining room! There's so much to take in! Upon entering the home, the living area is welcoming with its picture window providing natural light and views to outside.  The spacious and functional galley-style kitchen is located to one side, while the storage space beneath the stairs is a brilliant addition. The bathroom ceiling is lower to allow for more head room above, in the bedroom.

When it comes to creating a Tiny Home that is truly your own style and taste, the possibilities are endless!


Download the Cosy Nook brochure here

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