Building a Tiny Home AirBnb


Considering building a Tiny Home for additional income via the help of Airbnb, short stay accommodation or retreat to offer others? Having the opportunity to have a weekend or two to yourself through your investment? Tiny Homes Perth is here to help you along your journey.

While more people are looking for additional income to go with a change of lifestyle in rural Australia we find ourselves with opportunity to provide alternative short stay accommodation. To self-manage offering an experience via a specific designed Tiny Home will make this a reality.

Your Airbnb journey will start with a chat with Simon to find out the purpose of the Tiny Home, to where the Tiny Home will be located and what you would like to offer as an experience to your proposed client. A design concept will then be brought to life, while several concepts shall be worked on to provide the final result, Tiny homes Perth are here to help.



Starting with one or adding others to your portfolio using a Tiny Home as an investment has deemed to be in high demand. While Tiny Homes continue to take on the world, Australia is leading the charge with innovative design and materials. At Tiny Homes Perth, all our Tiny Homes are Bespoke designed, providing the maximum return on investment. Here in Western Australia the industry is at its infant stage providing opportunity for Mum and Dad investors to provide the additional income.

For those who are have taken this path and have Tiny Homes on the ground, their bookings are well advanced, clearly staying in a tiny home is one of those experiences you cannot pass up. All you need is to find the perfect location for the tiny home and many will come and stay.


Personal use

A place for relaxation and rehabilitation. Whether you locate your Tiny Home in the bush or along the beautiful coast line, the Tiny Home will fit right in to its surroundings. Your perfect weekender Tiny Home will be sitting there ready for you upon arrival, it is the perfect lock and leave retreat.


Our client Ryan's Rest built their Airbnb at the start of 2020 and it has been a huge success. Their beautiful Tiny Home is located in Pemberton and placed on a property amongst trees, dams and the great open space.


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