Up to 4500kg Designs

"At Tiny Homes Perth we offer simply a Bespoke design service, the following are simply to provide inspiration. We listen to your needs, to design your very own Tiny Home from scratch."  Simon Joiner (Owner- Principal)

"Building to 4500kg allows us to provide a a Tiny Home up to 7.5m in length with a single / double loft"

Our 4500kg range gives the most flexibility, bedding for four or having the extra open space, at Tiny Homes Perth we assist design for its intended use.

A bath tub? No problem we can make all fit, stairs to ladder, extra cabinetry for the person who loves cooking. Queen size or king size bed we design to suit, storage as required

Talk to Simon to help design the perfect Tiny Home.


Welcome to the Lookout

We are welcome you to our latest completed client tiny home. Built and designed for affordable living the Lookout is well appointed for the use of an Airbnb lifestyle.


Welcome to 1013

The perfect airbnb. Designed for the cooler weather of Pemberton, WA, this tiny home is equipped with all the necessities.


Welcome to 1020

A beautiful double-loft Tiny Home incorporating different types of timbers, not to mention the stunning Marri kitchen bench top.


Welcome to 1023

A Tiny Home were you can sit and look out of the windows all day! Green and black accents found through out the Tiny Home.


Welcome to 1008

This home was built to a lock up. meaning we completed the structure of the tiny home inclusive of the exterior and left the interior to them to complete.


Welcome to 1016

This double loft with a walk-way in between is one of a kind! Measuring a huge 9.5m long, this Tiny Home was jam-packed.


Welcome to 1024

Filled with brass accents creating character within the Tiny Home. The stunning floating stairs is the centre of attention.

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