Warranty (Tiny Home - caravan)

Warranty (Complete Build Range) (To be read in conjunction with the “Terms and Conditions” contract to purchase)

A peace of mind knowing Tiny Homes Perth provides a 12-month manufacturer’s Warranty and a 24-month structural warranty on its chassis and main frame. (NOTE: the timber flooring of your Tiny Home is NOT termite treated therefore an annual inspection shall be required)(the finished height of your Tiny home shall allow this inspection.)
Tiny Homes Perth provides the original Owner the manufacturer’s Warranty from the date of purchase, this includes defects of materials and Workmanship will be free from defects for this period. This shall include items applicable to the specification and quotation. (Not owner supplied / installed after delivery items) Warranty repairs must be undertaken by Tiny Homes Perth at 4/34 Robinson Road, Bellevue WA, at Tiny Homes Perth discretion repairs may be completed within 50km of Midland on site or written consent and confirm of costs shall be given to a reputable person to make good.

The warranty only applies to the Tiny Home based on:
* A suitable vehicle is used for the GVM of towing the Tiny Home
* For what the Tiny Home is designed and its intended use
* Tiny Homes Perth DOES NOT manufacture a standard off road (an unsealed road) version of a Tiny home

* This includes to and from a proposed off road site.
* It is not in a vehicle accident
* Does not include wear and tear inclusive of flooring, bench tops and fixtures
* Modification of the Tiny Home by anyone other than Tiny Homes Perth
* Does not include Stone chips / to the external and or underside of the chassis and home.

*Any consequential damage caused by usage after a fault has been recognised.

*All resilient finishes (Roofing and walls) are washed down and maintained. (This includes further sealing (painting) and or oiling of timber products) (This must be completed on a regular basis if parked / stored or located near a costal or heavy industrial site.)

Note: Timber is a natural product and based on its method of drying (natural or mechanical) natural cracks / splitting, warping, fading of finish may occur both interior and exterior applications.

*If your Tiny Home is placed in storage or used infrequently it is suggested ventilation and or opening on a regular basis to ventilate is required as natural timber products inclusive of flooring are not resistant to high temperatures.

*Note: Hot dipped Galvanized trailers do not offer a refined finish, this is a dipping process, while care is taken this is performed by a third party and not the control of Tiny Homes Perth. While Tiny Homes Perth sand to make tidy the finish shall remain unrefined.

Note: Unpainted trailers (Pre-galvanized materials) shall have welds primed and painted Silver to complete. As this is not a complete paint / sealed system maintenance may be required to maintain the required finish. Any spot corrosion shall not change the integral strength of the materials.

*External timber doors need to be further protected via the owner upon storage or use of the Tiny Home from the direct weather. Tiny Homes Perth can NOT gain a warranty from the supplier without the protection. Tiny Homes Perth suggest a Fibre glass covered door to provide a warranty. (No dark colours to be applied to the door)

*Tiny Homes Perth provide an exit point for Grey and Black water (Kitchen Sink) only to one point; it is the owners reasonability to connect the right sized pipe work and fittings (if applicable) to redirect away from the Tiny Home with consideration of health requirements.

*If a compost toilet is installed, read the instructions of its use and disposal of soiled materials, this includes the liquid waste pipe, install the supplied stick on information for other users to read.

*Note: If a Compost toilet is installed read the installation and maintenance manual for tips on how to use. For a Compost toilet This is very important to understand how it works.

*Regular maintenance of your Tiny Home (Caravan) is required at 300km and every 5000km thereafter. All nuts in the wheels, coupling, springs and axle nuts must be checked for tension. Wheel bearings must be checked and adjusted for correct tension. Please note: the correct tension must be applied to the wheel bearings as under or over tightening will result in damage to the axle and/or hubs. This is the customer / buyer / owner’s responsibility and failure to do so will render the warranty VOID.


Note: While your Tiny Home is being constructed make yourself familiar with the intended tow vehicle and the requirements of a brake away system, if you don’t have a brake controller please obtain and have one installed before collecting your Tiny Home. Note: If you have not towed a trailer / Caravan before, consider available private towing courses in your local area / state.

Note: It is the responsibility of the owner upon taking possession of the Tiny Home to Key Lock any and all openable windows higher than 1700mm from the natural ground to the breeze lock position of no greater than 125mm. Upon doing so then removing the key from each openable window to eliminate a young child from opening making it an unsafe height if they were to fall. (Alternatively, retrofit a security screen or similar that cannot be opened but will allow air flow.)

Note: When towing your Tiny Home consider weight distribution, in theory approximate 10% of total weight to be at the tow ball end. Relocating of boxed household items towards the front along with securing these items are to be considered. (Note: Tiny Homes Perth DOES NOT install door catches or restraining devices as standard, this is to be considered when towing. Tiny Homes Perth shall secure all supplied appliances (Fridge / washing machine etc. if applicable)*

*(As at December 2021 V8)