Did you know at Tiny Homes Perth we love individually designing new Tiny Home's. You bring us your inspiration, budget and intended purpose of the Tiny Home and we will bring it to life right here in our Bellevue workshop. The Lookout is here to inspire and get you on your Tiny Home journey. 

The Lookout Tiny Homes Perth

The Lookout

We are welcoming our latest and near completed display the Lookout. Built and designed for affordable living the Lookout is well appointed for the use of an AirBnB lifestyle.

From master loft, the feeling of space flows from skylight to looking down to the kitchen / living area. Stairs from the loft flows down via the use of Birch Ply to the living area. living area with recessed TV, the study desk compliments to complete.

Kitchen comprises of full size oven, gas hot plate and picture window. Two skylights are a feature of the ceiling while the glass sliding door is a great entrance and exit to the great outdoors with shade sail.

Bathroom to complete, full size shower, vanity and recessed shelving this wont disappoint.

The Lookout offers another idea for living Tiny, we offer an individual design service for no additional cost.

Give us a call today for further information on an individual designs Tiny home for you.

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