Do Tiny Homes Perth only build Tiny Homes on wheels?

Tiny Homes Perth have the knowledge and experience required to build both traditional homes and Tiny Homes on wheels (caravans). Our focus is on building 'Tiny' so that we can provide an affordable outcome for our clients.

Depending on the home's use, here at Tiny Homes Perth we can offer a traditionally constructed home on a framed floor, built to any configuration. These include a larger granny flat or a park home / chalet accommodation for the tourist industry. With our industry knowledge and experience it is only fitting that we offer the above options, however our vision primarily lies in fulfilling the hopes and dreams of so many Australians through providing affordable, tiny homes.

With our knowledge and understanding of the regulations surrounding both the Building Code (under the National Construction Code (NCC)), and the Motor Vehicles Act, Tiny Homes Perth holds a license to manufacture and sell its homes. We have a great range of building products on offer, some traditional and some more innovative with respect to their weight and appearance. The weight of a product is paramount when building a Tiny Home (caravan).

It is important that we listen to our clients' needs, and at Tiny Homes Perth we prepare a brief with the client which we then use to create a floor plan, followed by a 3D render to allow the client to visualise how their new home will look.

At Tiny Homes Perth we provide “small homes, BIG ideas.”