Small homes, BIG ideas

Have an idea? Need extra space for an art studio? Looking for a weekender? Tiny Homes Perth allows you to build small but dream big. We encourage you to give us your ideas so that we can design a Tiny Home to accommodate your unique, individual needs and give you the outcome of your dreams!

From fridge size to living habits, at Tiny Homes Perth we want to know all about your tastes and lifestyle so that we can provide you with the Tiny Home that best fits you. From solar or battery storage to compost toilet to water tanks, Tiny Home Perth are here to help, and we are just a phone call away.

Want to build your own Tiny Home? At Tiny Homes Perth we can provide a lock-up version of any design - even your own! We build the chassis, install and erect the frame works (including the roofing and wall cladding), and this is called the “lock-up stage”. Upon completion we can deliver to your door, allowing you to finish the internal fitting-out in your own time. With this option you will need to take care of the licensing, but Tiny Homes Perth can assist you though this process - all you have to do is ask!

Remember, “Small homes, BIG ideas.”