How safe are Tiny Homes?

So just how safe are tiny homes? Tiny Homes are built under the same Australian Design Rules (ADR) as traditional caravans, however the materials used to build a Tiny Home are identical to those used to construct a traditional house. These materials have been tried and tested successfully over many years and have been proven to be safe, tough and long-lasting. In building a Tiny Home, careful consideration is given to the method of fixing materials down to the chassis. The bracing of materials to wall frames is paramount to ensuring the integrity of the home.

With a rigid chassis construction, all of our Tiny Homes are strong and sturdy, and they all come with electric brake away systems which offer both braking during travel and a safety lock-up mechanism employed if the trailer disconnects from the towing vehicle. Application of the manual handbrake is essential while the Tiny Home is unhitched, but once the home is jacked on to stands it is recommended that the handbrake be released to stop binding of the brake shoes.

External lights are another safety feature installed on our Tiny Homes. These allow others on the road to be more aware. At Tiny Homes Perth we have a rigid inspection process and adhere to strict documentation both during and upon completion of every Tiny Home. For further information please see: