Tiny Home vs traditional caravan

A traditional caravan squeezes in all options, allowing you to live off grid for relatively short periods of time, however the comforts of a full-size bed, full ceiling height and abundant cupboard space are dearly compromised. While some of the options found in caravans today are great, they don’t allow you to live a ‘normal’ life on a day-to-day basis in the long-term.

Tiny Homes Perth gives you the option of living a fully ‘normal’ day-to-day life in the comfort of an uncluttered yet fully functional environment, permanently. Although both traditional caravans and Tiny Homes have a similar chassis, with a Tiny Home you can have your bathroom, kitchen sink, bed and many other features and items build to the same size and finishings as those found in a traditional home.

From the initial concept and design to the completion of a Tiny Home, the involvement of our clients is very important to us. We listen to their needs and wants, and we consider their lifestyle choices because how someone lives in a traditional home is usually similar to how they want to live in a Tiny Home, only a more condensed version.

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Tiny Homes Perth