Why is a Tiny Home registered as a caravan?

Under the Motor Vehicles Act 1973, a Tiny Home is a caravan, a vehicle that can be towed by a licensed vehicle. The building materials used don’t play a role in the classification of a caravan, however consideration is required with regard to the weight of materials used.

It is the responsibility of Tiny Homes Perth to construct our homes in a safe manner. This is why our lock-up stage Tiny Home is a great start, where we provide you with the completed external structure on wheels with brakes, allowing you to complete the internal fittings and registration. At Tiny Homes Perth we help you right through this entire process. A Tiny Home on wheels needs to be registered by a qualified person, and before this can be completed the home must be weighed to comply with laws.

For further information, please visit the Motor Vehicles Act 1973.