What are Tiny Homes made of?

At Tiny Homes Perth we make our chassis rails, draw bar and floor joist webbing from a pre-galvanised tube. To add to peace of mind, we provide 2 coats of a self-priming top coat to prevent future corrosion. We paint this black to create a shadow effect which blends in with the underside of the Tiny Home. This is topped with hardwood ply flooring, applied to every tiny home, and the underside of the flooring is also painted black to match.

Wall frames and trusses consist of light-weight steel with a feature portal frame welded to the chassis to provide rigidity as required. Strap bracing stiffens the entire frame work, giving added confidence when towing on the road.

We offer a huge variety of external cladding choices, from corrugated iron to weather board to Tiny Homes Perth's very own design of cladding, "Inspire" clad, to complete the outside of your home.  Internally, the options are endless, including flush finish walls and lining board, or a combination of both to provide a feature.

At Tiny Homes Perth we gain inspiration from listening to our clients' needs when designing their Tiny Home, from roof design to floor layout. We will create a rendered drawing of your proposed home before starting your project to ensure that the end result is as perfect as you dreamed it would be.