What size and weight are Tiny Homes?

The size of a Tiny Home is based on weight. Australian design rules (ADR) allow a Tiny Home to be constructed to a maximum of 4500kg. The best weight range suited to most current vehicles for towing is our 3500kg range. The 4500kg range requires a specific hire vehicle or similar to tow. The weight of the Tiny Home is paramount, so the design and size of the home is worked out around this.

Talk to Tiny Homes Perth for further information with regard to the 4500kg range of Tiny Homes. Based on the required location and completion time, Tiny Homes Perth can arrange delivery.

The most economical size for a Tiny Homes Perth home is 2.4m wide x 6.8m long, with a roof apex at 3.3m, although when designing a loft home, the height increases to approx. 4.2m. The bathroom is very important when designing a Tiny Home, and at Tiny Homes Perth we like to include a full-sized shower, while the kitchen space can be easily designed to suit a clients needs.

See below for details regarding Tiny Homes Perth's 3500kg and 4500kg Tiny Home specifications.